It started with a vision for a community innovation lab.

We first dreamed up HatchLab over five years ago; now it has been two years and nine months since we opened the doors of our community innovation lab in Portland. Our space and our community have gone through quite an evolution in that time. We’ve built a strong membership, added spaces, adjusted our program offerings, grown our network, and added new technology. We’ve learned what works well for entrepreneurs, and what doesn’t. We’ve learned how to use our space as a leverage to start conversations with the broader community about purpose, entrepreneurship, equity, and investing in one’s community.


It’s time to work with more communities in Oregon.

Although we are still learning everyday, we’ve grown our capacity enough to open a new community innovation space, leveraging all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the past few years, and this time putting it to use in a rural community. Baker City is the home of our new community innovation lab in Northeast Oregon. We are very excited to see what it’s like to bring our programs and services to this new area, and to elevate the work that locals are doing in Baker to help small business.


A rural center for entrepreneurship: HatchLab Baker

We have kicked off our participation on Baker City’s entrepreneurial scene by gathering and working closely with about two dozen entrepreneurs and technical service providers in the area. We opened our doors on Halloween to welcome the 3000+ trick-or-treaters that visit downtown Baker City.

HatchLab Baker is located on 2019 Main St Suite A. Please, come visit us! If you have any questions, please contact the HatchLab Baker Manager, Bryan Tweit at [email protected].

We expect to learn even more from this new endeavor—lessons that we will put to use in our new home in Baker City, and back at our first home in Portland.