I want to …

... raise capital

One of our goals is to provide access to compatible capital for those who will use it for good. If you have a very early stage social enterprise idea or community project and you could use a small amount of seed capital, then The Social Pitch is a great place for you to start. If you want to know how to raise startup or growth capital by inviting unaccredited investors to invest in your business, consider subscribing to ComCapLearn. If you have a business in Oregon, we can provide even more assistance as we are expert in the use of Oregon’s local investing law. The best place to dive in is our Intro to CPO webinar.

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... get advice

Have you ever thought about taking on a project or choosing a career path to have a positive impact on your community? On our Hatch The Future podcast, we interview people doing just that. Real people, on the ground, being positively disruptive. If you are interested in the economic side of creating thriving, sustainable communities, check out ComCapLearn. We address a range of topics to enable entrepreneurs, unaccredited investors, and community builders leverage community capital. If you are in Portland, check out the range of workshops we have listed on our calendar, too.

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... connect with the community

If you’re in Portland, check out our membership options at Hatch Lab and our calendar of events and workshops (there are some events from elsewhere in Oregon listed). The Remedy Club is a particularly engaging event where we bring people together to talk about the untalkable—issues of equity, power, access and identity. On the national level we hold ComCap, our conference on community capital, annually, as well as partner with states to hold regional conferences.

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... learn about local investing

If you want to know more about investing locally—why it’s important, how to do due diligence, where to invest, and more—check out ComCapLearn, our subscription resource on everything community capital. If you are an Oregon resident, you can invest on HatchOregon.com, and attend our InvestOR Meetups to learn more about the law in Oregon specifically.

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... help entrepreneurs

One of the easiest ways to help an entrepreneurs is to attend our event, The Social Pitch. All revenue goes to presenters (in addition to other prizes), and you get to meet the entrepreneurs so you may find some other creative way to help them. If you like to teach entrepreneurs in person, our conference room at HatchLab is a great space to hold workshops. If you want to help entrepreneurs gain access to capital, our ComCap Conferences and ComCapLearn subscription are the best way to learn how to cultivate community capital. If you like what we are doing, and just want to see more of it, you can support entrepreneurs by supporting us!

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