InvestORreadyIt’s right around the corner. Every Thursday, a chance to plan for raising money from your fellow Oregonians. It’s not easy, nor is it fast. Being a pioneer is not for the faint of heart. But being involved in our InvestOR Ready Accelerator helps you take your business planning to a new level, fine tuning the messages, narrowing your focus on finance, and improving strategy. It’s a chance to work with a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, and get help from experts in marketing, fundraising, PR, social media, the law, finance, and pitching.

We’ve become the experts in the state on the Community Public Offering, much of it learned in real time, from the state experts and lawyers themselves. We will share this expertise with entrepreneurs beginning September 24th. If you need to raise up to $250,000, please join us by reviewing the program here.

You can be from anywhere in the state and participate via webinar and phone. You will receive materials in email, and work on plans weekly, getting ready for launch in about ten weeks. You only have to pay a fraction of the course fee up front, and the rest when you reach your minimum raise. Sign up today!


Eventbrite - Intro to the CPO - 9/23 - PortlandOur “Intro to the CPO” seminar is a prerequisite for the InvestOR Ready Accelerator. If you have not yet attended, you have one more chance this Wednesday, September 23rd at noon.


“I was beginning to give up hope until I saw the new CPO law go into effect and met the people at Hatch Oregon.  They are the first (and only) people who are committed to the success of the small business community, from a capital standpoint, in Oregon. I have watched them all work tirelessly to help small business in Oregon and they have given me the hope and tools for me to continue in business and create good Oregon jobs.”

John MacDougall
MacDougall & Sons Bat Co. Inc
Bend, Oregon