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Emilly Prado is a writer, photographer, and future librarian.

A Chicana native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she has called Portland home since 2009. Her writing typically focuses on pop culture with an intersectional feminist lens in relation to race, class, and gender. She earned a B.A. in Child and Family Studies from Portland State University with cum laude honors, received a 2016 ALA Spectrum Scholarship, and is a current MLIS candidate at San Jose State University. Her work has appeared in Bitch Media, the Portland Mercury, Feministing, Ms. Magazine, and Travel Portland. When not writing, working, or schooling, she makes zines, sells homemade pinback buttons, and travels as much as possible. You can see her work at www.emillyprado.com

Stay tuned for Emilly Prado’s episode on the Hatch the Future podcast – to be released soon!

Bertony Faustin, proprietor, Abbey Creek Vineyard.

He planted the vines, tends to them, harvests the fruit, makes the wine. Bertony’s the heart and soul, the drive that pushes Abbey Creek forward.

Born from Haitian immigrant parents and a transplanted New Yorker, Bertony has found not only his family, but his destiny in Oregon wine country. A physical trainer by trade, Bertony started his wine career like many, somewhat by accident. Noting his in-laws had a small vineyard, he began exploring the potential of making his own wine and gradually launched  Abbey Creek Vineyard. Always a student and innovator, Bertony dug in and learned a great deal  from neighbors and friends. Abbey Creek Vineyard grew enough in production to warrant it’s own tasting room and winery so Bertony moved his operation into North Plains, Oregon. Today he is literally an earth to glass winemaker.  Abbey Creek Vineyard is all Bertony, all his personality, style and grace. Get to know him and you know his wine.

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Don Merrill, KBOO radio producer, journalist.

Seven years with Armed Forces Radio and Television. Eleven years as a public relations specialist for the Federal Government. Four years with commercial radio and newspapers. Four years as a freelance writer specializing in feature and investigative reporting.

Goals include telling the little stories of big companies and the big stories of little companies for domestic and international reading audiences. My intention is to build a clientel of commercial, government and non-profit clients who turn to me to promote their work in consumer and trade, print and online publications by emphasizing the human side of that work. I am especially interested in the work of non-profits and am prone to donate work to good causes.

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