Sean ImpactFlowGuest Blog by Sean Kvingedal, co-CEO of ImpactFlow

When we originally set out to build what was to become ImpactFlow, we didn’t really know exactly where the journey would lead us – or where we would even start, for that matter.

In the beginning, it was the mission and shared values that drove us forward: to leverage our combined abilities to make philanthropy more efficient – which to us translates into empowering nonprofits to focus more time and more effort on doing the amazing work that they do in our communities.

We invested a lot of time understanding where the problems were and where we could specifically target our efforts to really move the needle in creating efficiency in the system.

What we discovered is that if we could help nonprofits more efficiently obtain the resources they need to make their initiatives successful – this is where we could make a huge difference and if WE were successful in this effort, there was a good chance that we could help get more initiatives launched and help enable more positive impact being created in our communities.

We are still relentlessly driven by our mission and values, and it was this mission-driven process that led us to where we are today – and it will continue to drive us forward.

ImpactFlow_Square_White_SKWhen we reached the point of actually setting out to build a platform that would achieve the goals we laid out, we knew that it would need to be beautifully designed. After all, our mission is all about creating efficiency, so our platform needed to embody that.

On both sides of the equation, philanthropy is a very emotional, intimate experience. We knew that we needed to capture those feelings in our design and create an environment that was comfortable and facilitated ‘magic’ moments of interaction.

As a team, we place a tremendous amount of value on design and usability. We analyze every little detail until we get it right. Even when we think it’s right, we don’t settle until our users tell us it’s right. Listening to our users and working their feedback and input back into our design is what really makes us successful.
One of the mantras that has been a huge driver for ImpactFlow is the phrase ‘beyond giving’. This is more than a tagline; it’s an integral aspect of our vision and values. It’s what motivates our team each day to create unique technology solutions that challenge traditional fundraising methods and drives our organizational culture.

In our view, beyond giving is the initiation of ongoing relationships between community stakeholders. We want to empower people to build collaborative communities and engage with exceptional organizations that create collective impact in their cities.

We’ve built something truly sensational with our initial release of ImpactFlow and excited to unveil the next big innovation that will change philanthropy forever. It’s time for a philanthropic revolution!

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