The Social Pitch is BACK!


In this edition of The Social Pitch, we have six incredibly talented social entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds tackling an array of issues in innovative and creative ways.  We’re really excited to have these folks in our TSP program, and we can’t wait to see them pitch on Sunday, September 8th!

Please purchase a $15 ticket HERE (all ticket proceeds go to funding the cash prizes!) and join us at 2pm, on Sunday, September 8th!!.

Make Awear – Ophir El-Boher

An apparel designer who explores ways to create ethical-sustainable models for fashion, based on circularity. Committed to helping get rid of the world’s trash, she uses only accessible materials, saved from the waste streams and made into new creations.


As a designer-educator, Ophir promotes cultural and behavioral shifts around fashion consumption, providing knowledge, tools, and methods for creative alternatives to satisfy materialistic desires. She is a passionate world-traveler, originally from Israel, who brings diverse cultural experiences to her practice- telling stories through clothes. Ophir holds a B.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Design and Secondary Education from Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv, and an MFA in Collaborative Design from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.


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Creative Repurposing Center – David Legg

An entrepreneur with extensive experience in salvaging, building, and business development, David Legg is passionate about giving wood and people discarded by society a second life. He is launching the Creative Repurposing Center (CRC), a place where marginalized individuals are given the opportunity to put their untapped creativity to work repurposing themselves while removing good wood from the waste stream.

David often says, “I’ve never met a piece of wood I didn’t like.” He thinks the same about people and dreams of bringing the two together at the CRC, giving new life to both.


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Gather Community Kitchen + Co-Packing – Jeannine Mills

Gather Community Kitchen + Co-Packing is a multi-stage incubator kitchen concept that addresses the lack of commercial kitchen space and small scale (2,000 unit or fewer) co-packing solutions for food and beverage companies outgrowing their own manufacturing capabilities.

The funds/awards will be used to purchase the necessary food processing equipment to complete the build out and to continue serving our community by providing free standing pantries filled with shelf stable, non-perishable foods for our most vulnerable neighborhoods. We also will teach community based classes that focus on sustainability and self sufficiency.

Instagram: @gathercommunitykitchen



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The Human Trust – Andrew Martz

Established in 2017, The Human Trust is a fiduciary trust that stewards resources to help support humans who are most in need to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and water.It does this through managing resources, leveraging technology, and investing in profitable businesses that help meet these basic human needs.

We seek to further develop and establish The Human Trust as an organization and community of people who support and contribute to
its Purpose of helping meet basic human needs, investing in profitable businesses that help achieve this, and developing block-chain
technology to help manage and distribute and resources.


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All Experience Training & Consulting – Claressa Tracy-Manning

All Experience is is good experience. All Experience is a platform website where people who have marketable skills, training services, workforce expertise and industry experts can market their specialty knowledge online opening up possibilities to share their skills with the world. This applies to every type of career field from tradesmen, service industry, business professionals, environmentalists, teachers, public services, human services and so much more.

The All Experience platform was created to market skills from professionals and help them find connections including classes, jobs and other services while combating commonplace prejudices in the hiring process by displaying only relevant skill-based information. I will use the funds to further develop our programming and website and start our membership process. Come support All Experience at The Social Pitch!


Come support All Experience at The Social Pitch!

Lyfe. Tech – Alexis Figueroa-Gutierrez  & William Luckett

Here at Lyfe.Tech we aim to provide schools and/or the public with protection against gun violence . Our objective is to protect and
service the public in the case of an emergency or leisure choice in a convenient modern organized fashion that can save lives.

Our safety mechanism is inside of class rooms connected to the schools pre-existing alarm system which then unlocks the case containing our prototypes. School shootings should not be a fear of our students pursuing an education nor civilians enjoying an event or just a regular day. We will continue to invest in our business until we have a finished prototype that can save the lives of many.


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