Is my project right for The Social Pitch?

The three main criteria for selection are:
1) That your idea/project/startup helps your community
2) That it provides lasting change
3) That it is currently in an early stage.

How do we define early stage?

Well, if all of the prizes seem like peanuts, you’re probably not right for The Social Pitch. If you’ve already raised all the cash you need and want a platform to tell people about your idea – it’s also not a good fit. We’re looking for people who need a little leg up to bring their project to fruition.

Prizes (Everyone is a winner.)

There will be first and second place cash prize winners. Additionally, all five presenters will receive the following:

  • Custom-made promo video to use to promote their project (value: $500)
  • Pitch advice from an expert
  • A 3-month full-time co-working membership at Hatch (value: $825)
  • Not to mention all of the experience and networking they gain from being a part of this program and community (value: priceless)


In person attendee: Your ticket price gets you a delicious bowl of soup and a vote. At the end of the afternoon, after hearing the presentations and a short Q&A session, ballots are counted, and prizes are awarded.

Remote attendee: Your ticket price gets you a vote. At the end of the afternoon, after watching the presentations and a short Q&A session, your votes via our Facebook poll will be counted, and prizes will be awarded.

What funds the cash prizes?

One hundred percent of the ticket revenue goes to funding the Cash Prizes.Your money goes directly to supporting an amazing community project or social enterprise! Thank you.

If you are selected to present:

You’ll be asked to come into Hatch within two weeks of being selected so that we can film your promo video!

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your enterprise/project/organization, please make one upon being selected. We’ll be tagging you in a lot of our Facebook posts about The Social Pitch, as we want to help increase your social media presence.

For the event, you’ll be asked to prepare a 5-minute presentation with 3 slides:

1st slide: Who are you and what is your project?
2nd slide: What is the issue you are addressing?
3rd slide: What is your solution to the issue and which prize will be most helpful for your project?

The slides may not have any text on them. Images only! Although we do encourage you to include the name of your project on the first slide. You’ll be asked to send us a draft of your slides before the pitch clinic (which will be scheduled the week before event).

What is The Pitch Clinic?

This is an amazing opportunity for the five finalists to get feedback about their presentation. The Pitch Clinic is a one-hour session led by our team at Hatch Innovation. If you are selected to be a finalist, we strongly encourage you to attend, although it is not mandatory.

What if I’m not selected to present?

If you’re not selected, all is not lost. You still have a ticket to attend! At the event, you can learn from others, get a feel for what works, and also network with the community. You’ll make contacts who can help you grow your idea, and you can see how Hatch helps social entrepreneurs thrive.

When is the application deadline?

Application deadline for the 9/8/19 Social Pitch has passed. Our next event will be Spring of 2020. Feel free to apply anytime.

How do I apply?

Click here.