As we get ready for our next round of The Social Pitch on April 30th, we’re catching up with previous presenters to see where they are, what their status is, how things are going! Here are our runners-up from last August, Clean Feed, to give us an update. Sometimes start-ups simply take a pause because the timing just isn’t right. (Get it together, FDA.)

From Carolyn of Clean Feed:

Clean Feed was an initiative of five MBA students from PSU’s School of Business who were interested in creating an insect-based animal feed. After pitching the idea at a few local pitchfests, the Clean Feed team dug even deeper into the research to determine that the black soldier flies were not an FDA approved ingredient for animal feed in Oregon – making the market for this idea not yet feasible (and, illegal – for now). At that point, the Clean Feed team decided to focus on individual endeavors, with teammates now nearing graduation and working across HR, Finance, Energy-Management, Athletics, and Social Impact roles. The Social Pitch was a great community environment that helped us further develop our ideas around the viability of Clean Feed.
Thanks for the update Carolyn! We hope the FDA comes around soon enough.

Join us for our next Social Pitch, April 30th 2-5pm, with new entrepreneurs and their brilliant ideas.