Have you ever felt that your access to tools, knowledge and/or resources has been limited by the social systems or institutions you are embedded in? Have you seen others struggle, lacking access to the things they need to thrive? Do you ever ponder how sweeping power dynamics connect to our individual experiences?

Welcome to The Remedy Club, a quarterly series on the dynamics of power and powerlessness, hosted by Hatch Innovation. We invite you to listen in to this dynamic panel discussion recorded on July 15, 2016. Walk away with new insight, new connections and ideas for action.


Se-ah-dom Edmo, Coordinator, Indigenous Ways of Knowing Program at Lewis & Clark College, author of American Indian Identity
Janet Soto, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Business Oregon
Julia DeNoto, Park Ranger, Cyclist
Rosalie Lee, Founder, Spare Change PDX


Don Merrill,  Interviewer and Host, KBOO-FM

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Stories of powerlessness that helped define our panelists
  • Hot button issues to be aware of
  • Insights from different points of view

Spoken Word Poem Performed by Janet Soto


“Stories of moments in my life in with social institutions have sent the message, you do not belong, and how I have chosen to respond”

Some of my earliest memories are of crossing the border.

Guard. Rooms of isolation.

Car searches.

Families along the road.







The greeting message my family receives: You do not belong here.

A mother at a McDonald’s, spitting out her food, telling her children, “Mexicans carry diseases, that’s why they all live together, far away”.

Leaving the McDonald’s, driving an hour to a crowded, migrant house

A message and a journey that reinforce

You do not Belong

Knowing my family cannot afford a standardized test, asking still, getting one chance

Waiting to check the box

The box that determines my eligibility, my status, a reminder

Taking an oath

You do not belong

Earning a flag

Taking my first college course. Sociology.

Learning the descriptions of dysfunctional families, broken homes and broken window, theory?

All of this describing the only things I knew,

Knowing I was loved, but learning for the first time why society does not love us back.

A lesson, teaching the message – they do not Belong.

You do not belong

When it comes to my age and my career, You do not Belong.

My health, my wealth, my Spanish, my hair

You do not Belong

A woman with an opinion, a message is loud and clear

You do not Belong

My resolve as equally loud and clear

Yes, I do.

I am your mirror.

Our destinies are tied to one another.

A wall has already been built, all around us and between us.

I cross it everyday.

I am on the side of justice.

I choose to work in government. I choose to work on issues of access and health, because, I know the system

As it is, it means that far too many of us, do not belong

Thank you.