The competition was tight, but the finalists have been chosen for Hatch:Soup IV. We’re very impressed with their projects and we think you will be too. All presenters will receive memberships to Hatch, but only one project will be funded; this is where YOU come in. The winner gets chosen by the audience AND funded by the audience (all ticket sales go to the winning project). Buy your ticket to eat soup, support these change-makers, and vote for your favorite project. Check out our amazing finalists below:

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daylynnDaylynn Lambi with Marrow:

Marrow’s mission is to empower teens to take ownership over their education and to foster a community of youth who are visually, socially and culturally literate. We are an education space aimed at teens but open to the entire community. Our future programming may take any form: classes, workshops, lectures, readings, and other events. Our programming will always be lead by passionate individuals who feel their knowledge or skill would be relevant to teens. We are committed to being a safer space, where privilege is actively checked and systems of oppression are interrupted.



Mejid Beraouz with Auzoud:mejid

Auzoud proudly partners with small Moroccan olive and argan farmer co-ops to provide unique extra virgin olive oil made from Picholine olives as well as organic culinary and cosmetic argan oil.




IMG_4855Rosalie Lee with Spare Change PDX:

Spare Change is a culturally competent financial literacy program. We utilize a behavioral approach to reinforce healthy finance habits and attitudes in African American youth. Within a year-long program, youth volunteer in local and global communities (travel abroad), build finance skill sets and apply their skills to short and long term savings goals. We hope to prime our youth to build equity and wealth for themselves and become leaders for the greater good of the community.



Robert Benjamin with Member’s Media:

Creativity and storytelling is one of the most accessible raw community resources, transcending socio-economic lines and requiring little capital in its inception. Developing and marketing a creative product on the other hand (especially narrative) is very time consuming, complex, and capital intensive. Member’s Media seeks to empower storytellers from all backgrounds to develop their craft and sustainably do what they love. Member’s Media is the world’s first cooperatively owned media company, with membership open to anyone in independent film community. Think of a Youtube/Netflix owned by the filmmakers as well as the audience.




Yelena Prusakova with Better Block PDX:

Better Block PDX creates street re-imagination pilot projects that re-purpose the public right of way to include people as part of the engineering equation. Experiencing the city in attractive, engaging new ways has prompted momentum for urban livability improvements from city and community stakeholders. At Hatch Soup, Better Block PDX will propose an outdoor seating “Parklet Kit” used during temporary roadway and plaza installations.