HatchLabs are expanding!

Help us build community innovation labs
throughout Oregon, in California, in Panama and beyond.

What happens when a community has a HatchLab?

An empowered entrepreneurial ecosystem comes to life.

With the power of a robust entrepreneurial community, local capital, and expertise curriculum, entrepreneurs of all types and dreams of all sizes have what they need to thrive – all in one place.

Need more reason to donate?

Listen to the impassioned people who were there at the very beginning with our first HatchLab in Portland, Oregon.

Please support us this giving season! Make a one-time or monthly contribution to help us barnraise HatchLabs where they are needed.

Your donation goes directly towards desks, chairs, internet, couches, whiteboards, projectors, phone booths, coffee machines, and everything else that it takes to get a HatchLab up and running.

We thank you for your support of our work throughout the last 14 years, and we cannot wait to see what the next 14 years have in store. Thank you.