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Summer has begun, and Hatch staff are breathing a little easier now that a YEAR of intense work is near completion. From May of last year, when a statewide team met just to talk about the possibility of Oregon having its own local investing law, to October, when we were told by the state regulators that the new rules would be law in January 2015, causing us to run full tilt for nearly 8 months to prepare the first cohort ever to raise community capital! We closed this brand new first chapter in Oregon’s history by hosting Governor Kate Brown and Mayor Charlie Hales here in Hatch as they helped kick off our first annual Community Capital Conference. Over 300 people attended, and the result is a new grassroots statewide plan for building a whole new local investing ecosystem.

Through this new law, and via the website nearly $250,000 has been raised from over 200 Oregonians investing directly into an Oregon business for the first time. Other states shake their heads in amazement—all in less than a year? Chapter two began with the quiet start of our second InvestOR Ready cohort, launching publically in September. More news on this soon.

As a result of the cutting edge work of Hatch, we won two awards from the Portland Business Journal (Sustainability and Orchid). We hosted the Orchids here in Hatch, launching what we hope will be the beginning of something powerful for women. And, we were invited to submit four new grant proposals, three of them federal. The last one shipped to DC two weeks ago.

You can see why we’re glad that summer has finally arrived. Whew!

We have a lot more to tell you. In our newsletter over the next few weeks we will formalize the announcements, and share how you can get involved. We will introduce you to new staff, coming on board to really take Hatch Innovation to the next level. We’ll describe the ComCap 2016 Conference (yes, we heard you – we’ll hold it again next year ) will be both Oregon-focused and include the other states. You’ll get the dates and place and surprise keynotes! We will announce our new programming – from webinars, and workshops to forums and accelerators. We’ve grown and learned so much, we are taking the next two months to build all we’ve learned into powerful resources for Hatch members as well as the entire community.

Our mission is to help ordinary people become extraordinary – helping them launch lasting enterprises that transform the world – change-makers that begin with purpose and end with purpose, even when it comes to fundraising. The community capital law we helped craft provides for the transformation of how purpose-driven entrepreneurs can launch into the world. This is no small thing, and we here at Hatch are creating a full path from your dreams to real impact. So, stay tuned – we’ll soon be bursting at the seams with news for you.


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-Amy Pearl, Executive Director