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A project involving food, employment and second chances received $465 and a full-time Hatch membership at the second Hatch:Soup event on August 3rd. Emanuel Price, founder of the nonprofit SCAFE, presented his idea to the crowd and received the most votes for his project SCAFE2, which will create a food cart dedicated to offering employment opportunities and a new life to people recently released from prison.

Also receiving a full-time Hatch membership was Natasha Sepehri, who is working on Recycle Revenue, a membership program for Oregon-owned and run businesses, including labels for products and stores. It is well known that buying local keeps essential dollars in the local economy, and this scheme provides a way for customers to easily identify which stores and products will keep the most money in local communities. We hope that Natasha can benefit during her next three months at Hatch, and have the chance to use the space and work with our experts to bring her idea closer to launch.

Three further presenters put forward their ideas: Jake Hansen presented his idea for the Center for Organic Building, to bring low-cost, durable housing to Portland using traditional building methods. Yu Te envisioned a barter system called YBEX, where services are traded for IOUs, with money coming later down the line. Finally, Eli Eichenauer showed off his platform WebLively, which allows patients to be in control of their own medical records, and share them with their trusted providers. All presenters received Hatch memberships to nurture their ideas and provide support in the crucial startup stages.

We can hardly talk about Hach:Soup without going into the food! Two flavors of delicious soup from SoupCycle were served alongside crusty baguettes and rolls donated by Grand Central Bakery. We thank both organizations for their generosity, without which Hatch:Soup would not be possible. The next Hatch:Soup is planned for November 9th, and will be a special edition featuring students aged 12+. Keep an eye on the Hatch website for more details!