A pathway for community-led community change

A Model to Create Community-Led Community Change

PurposeWorks is a pathway for those interested in having a real, positive impact on the world. This 20 module curriculum starts pre-idea and guides participants all the way through implementation of their social enterprise. Our next cohort will begin January, 2017.

Ordinary people like you step up to solve a local challenge.

Are you a community member who wants to create a better place to live and work? You care about the world, and maybe have a particular issue in mind… Are you ready to take it on? Maybe you just want to shift your life’s work to making a difference, and you aren’t sure where to start. You have intimate knowledge of your community which research proves is essential for creating lasting change. Are you ready and willing to take action in a bigger way, but aren’t sure how or where to start something powerful and lasting. Our mission is to turn willingness, concern, and readiness into real local social change. We help people apply proven skills, best practices, and effective strategies to enable you to design and lead sustainable community change.

PurposeWorks is offering the missing pieces needed to bring innovation to the masses – from the masses! It has a variety of components, from training “everyday people” to identify the issues that they are most passionate about, to helping them imagine, create and fund solutions to address the core problems. SI leads people from the idea of “be the change” into the reality of their own lives, for the good of their communities. The idea of taking social entrepreneurship from the exclusive few to the mainstream is exhilarating, the power will be massive!

Laura P.

I think Hatch Innovation brings to regular people some of the best curricula, training and web resources that let people like me see a way to get from a problem to a solution. I retired from my professional career and was potently influenced by the work of Hatch, so that I create a social venture called Abundance Farming Project. AFP enables subsistence farmers in developing economies to offset the impact of water scarcity and increase food crop yields, using a starch-based biodegradable superabsorbent soil amendment, distributed through established NGOs. While that is a mouthful, my point is Hatch’s work enables people to make a difference in a powerful way that they would not be able to do on their own. 

Paul O.

Each workshop spoke to the spark inside me that is flickering on the verge of ignition and has empowered me to keep on working toward my goals of ‘doing good’ and ‘making a difference.’ The workshops were a container for me, a place where I could be fully present to what it is that keeps pulling at me to be born. The format of the course series has a beautiful way of providing support that is both respectful and nurturing. We are doing difficult work trying to bring forth powerful ideas and these workshops honor that and encourage us to work hard and dig in. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to have been a participant.

Peg B.

Community-based change starts with community-based learning.

Business, innovation, and social entrepreneurship courses are typically embedded in university or business school programs, requiring an advanced education for participation. Community problems, in contrast, are experienced locally, by people who need practical, accessible strategies and tools to solve the challenges in, and from, their backyards.

There is a well-recognized gap between the academic world of social entrepreneurship theory and the practical world of grassroots change. Universities and communities are struggling to find alternative routes to increasing community capacity. Until this happens, community members who are eager to solve local problems are left to invent and apply ideas to the best of their ability, often wasting time. This is simply slow and ineffective—especially when there’s a better idea.

We fill this gap between theory and practice, between research and application, applying our years of expertise in education and innovation to create new opportunities for communities.


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