Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars, Joseph, Oregon

Wil Stevens

Founder, Charity and Coffee

The challenge:

How best can formerly incarcerated folks transition fully back into society?

The solution:

Charity & Coffee exists to fill the gap for formerly incarcerated folks needing the skills, confidence and references to get a job once back in society.

Wil Stevens, Charity and Coffee

How Hatch helped:

Since Wil joined HatchLab PDX as a member, he’s been greatly involved in many aspects of Hatch’s offerings, as a volunteer, a participant, a mentee, and an overall positive, enthusiastic presence! One of the most effective programs for Wil’s start-up has been PurposeWorks, a bi-monthly entrepreneurial education and mentorship program led by Danielle Olson and Amy Pearl. Together, we’ve seen Charity & Coffee gain momentum and grow!