Katie Hughes, founder of Girls Build, Portland, Oregon

Stephanie Fleming

Founder, The Equilibriator

The challenge:

There’s a lack of awareness of the implications of our everyday decisions. How can we better balance our consequences of our decisions with what our environment, society, and economy need?

The solution:

The Equilibriator is an online decision-making tool that helps all of us balance our decisions with regard to three critical domains: nature/environment, society/culture, and economy/business. Like the Online Carbon Footprint Tool, The Equilibriator fosters awareness and helps people and organizations shift toward a more balance way of thinking and behaving.

How Hatch helped:

As a budding social enterprise, The Equilibriator benefitted from Hatch’s social enterprise education program in 2009 known as Local Agenda (now evolved into PurposeWorks). Stephanie took our classes, furthering her social entrepreneurial mind, and eventually placed her start-up on ChangeXchange, a social stock exchange also created by Hatch Innovation.

Springboard Innovation has created a completely innovative program, Local Agenda, to support everyday folks in developing a vision and then a business to promote social change. They have taken this concept to an entirely new level by developing a “social stock exchange”, ChangeXchange, to obtain seed funding for these new business ideas. I took the first Local Agenda class and am now a “launcher’ on ChangeXchange. Amy has inspired me to think in a completely new way and has mentored and supported me every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about this organization and what they have done for me. Portland is very lucky to have this gift.

Stephanie Fleming