Shiva Farrokhi, Founder of In-It

Shiva Farrokhi

Founder, In-It

The challenge:

Though we have so many social media platforms, it can be overwhelming to sort through all of it to find people and organizations who support similar causes tackling local and global issues.

The solution: In-It

Shiva is working to develop an online multimedia platform designed to aggregate people from around the world around shared causes and efforts. Wherever one is, one can share the media they make with fellow global citizens who care about the same issues.

How Hatch helped:

Since Shiva joined HatchLab PDX as an office space renter, we’ve worked with her in launching her In-It social media platform, tracking down developers and lending her advice for how to talk to her audience. We’ve also mentored her in our 2017 PurposeWorks cohort, meeting twice a month for hours-long work sessions going over various aspects of starting up and running a business. As an aspect of being a start-up, we also encouraged Shiva to present her project at The Social Pitch VIII, at which she won the second-place prize for funding! As In-It grows, Hatch is here to help Shiva with whatever she may need.

Shiva Farrokhi, In It