Katie Hughes, founder of Girls Build, Portland, Oregon

Liz and Roger

Co-Founders, Grandma’s Pop-Up Cafe

The challenge:

How can we lessen the isolation senior citizens experience? Old folks become isolated from their communities as they age.

The solution: Grandma’s Pop-Up Cafe

Grandma’s Pop-Up Cafe’s mission is to bring senior citizens and other community members out of their isolated spaces and into a place centered around food and love. By establishing a community that upholds its old folks, senior citizens remain a cognizant, real part in creating their community’s future. On top of all of that, Grandma’s Pop-Up Cafe gleans unwanted, unused food from around the city, allowing each meal to be paid as much as one can afford. Bravo all around to a beautiful mission.

How Hatch helped:

We supported Grandma’s Pop Up Cafe in their beginning stages with a promotional video (see below), a platform to share their mission, full-time membership to our Portland HatchLab, and ongoing workshops for nurturing their work.