Kate Rood, founder of Change Mail, Portland, Oregon

Kate Rood

Founder, ChangeMail

The challenge:

Reviving the art of letter writing mixed with community good. As social media dominates the way we show our support for organizations through likes, follows, thumbs ups, smiles, hearts, and more, ChangeMail provides another way.

The solution: ChangeMail

ChangeMail is a monthly subscription stationary kit that gives you the cards and stamps you need to write letters more often. Each kit comes with community-focused writing prompts, and a Gratitude Card for a monthly featured local organization working for social change. Whenever you mail a card with words of gratitude, ChangeMail donates $1 to support that month’s featured organization.

How Hatch helped:

We supported Kate’s idea with a promotional video (see below), a platform to share ChangeMail’s mission, full-time membership to HatchLab PDX, and ongoing workshops for nurturing Kate’s work.

Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars, Joseph, Oregon