Julie Sullivan and Carolyn Desario, founders of Ground Up Nut Butters, Portland, Oregon

Julie Sullivan and Carolyn Desario

Co-Founders, GroundUp

The challenge:

How do women transitioning out of homelessness acquire the job experience needed to be employable? On top of all the hardships women and children face in being homeless and transitioning back into the world, the last thing they need is to want to work but not have the basic skills to be considered.

The solution: Ground Up Nut Butters

Julie and Carolyn train disadvantaged women in the Greater Portland area in marketable skills through the production and sales of delicious & nutritious nut butters. They take a holistic approach to empowerment, offering personal development services and mentoring during the workday. Their goal is for women to engage in creative self-expression with the hope of gaining confidence and realizing their full potential. Women work with them for 6-9 months and then transition into full-time employment at Portland-area businesses.

How Hatch helped:

We supported Ground Up during their startup stage with a promotional video (see below), a platform at The Social Pitch to share their mission, first prize in cash funds for winning the competition, ongoing full-time membership at HatchLab PDX, access to ongoing workshops for developing their business, and more so than anything else, bi-monthly 3-hr coursework with Amy Pearl and Danielle Olson in mentorship of their social enterprise.