Don Merrill, Co-Founder, CNBSeen

Don Merrill

Co-Founder and Executive Director, CNBSeen

The challenge:

Broken taillights are causing unnecessary deaths. Limited access to car mechanics and auto shops is creating avoidable tragedies for those in underserved communities.

The solution: CNBSeen

By providing accessible, free auto mechanic services in neighborhoods that need them, CNBSeen works to decrease the number of occurrences between drivers and police. These auto shops also help in providing communities with a place to strengthen neighborhood relationships and bring people closer together.

How Hatch helped:

We’ve known Don for many years, and we value him dearly. He has been our Remedy Club moderator, Hatch the Future Podcast guest, and now one of our Social Pitch VIII’s presenters. Beyond his involvement in our programming, we revere Don’s years of service in journalism and radio, a platform with which he has used to bring awareness to Hatch’s work. Together, we work on CNBSeen’s overall business development, fortifying the social entrepreneurial aspects, as Don prepares to revolutionize the way we confront police brutality and community resolve.