Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars, Joseph, Oregon

Carolyn Niehaus, Whitney Winsor, Anthony Palmer

Co-Founders, Clean Feed

The challenge:

How do we provide sustainable food sources to a growing population of humans while asking for minimal behavioral change?

The solution:

While humans may have a longer time transitioning from animal-based products to insect-based products, animals themselves are more willing to consume insects. Introducing Clean Feed, insect-based animal feed.

Judy Goodman, Founder of BGOOD Bars, Joseph, Oregon

How Hatch helped:

Carolyn, Whitney, and Anthony submitted Clean Feed as an idea for The Social Pitch VI. While having success in presenting this innovative concept, gaining awareness, and receiving help from community members, Clean Feed had to come to a pause due to legalities around insect-based feed as an actual alternative for animal feed. For now, they await a change in legislation. But we’re hopeful this sustainable alternative will eventually be green-lighted and available in pet stores throughout the country.