Katie Hughes, founder of Girls Build, Portland, Oregon

Andrea Lim

Co-Founder, Barter Market PDX

The challenge:

Does paper money really have to be the only viable currency? As communities flourish behind shared-economy resources, crowdsourced everything, etc, why not trade-based economy as well?

The solution: Barter Market PDX

We have applications such as theRoostr, Next Door, Craigslist, and more developing. Barter Market PDX brings those concepts to life. As a social initiative connecting local makers and skilled individuals, it encourages a radically different way of thinking – where money ceases to have value and instead trade happens through interpersonal connections and communication.

How Hatch helped:

When Andrea first approached us, it was to become a presenter at our Social Pitch VI. Immediately hearing her idea for Barter Market, we wanted to support her. Providing her with a promotional video, a chance to win funding, and a 3-month membership to our HatchLab PDX, we helped Barter Market gain its momentum. Shortly after the Social Pitch, we also hosted Barter Market’s first annual market day in our event space at HatchLab PDX.