As pop culture could attest, Portland, OR is a city for foodies, coffee snobs, and beer enthusiasts alike, which means that our Hatch family has a whole lot of opinions on where you should visit while in town. Basically, if you’re in Portland, you’d be silly not to take advantage of all the great meals and drinks the city has to offer! From gluten-free to vegan, paleo or burger-obsessed, there’s seriously something for everyone— and whoever you happen to be with at the time. With that in mind we gathered a list of the top 5ish bar, coffee shop, and restaurants you can’t miss when visiting our headquarters, Hatch Lab PDX

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Restaurants We Dig, and Bet You Will, Too:

  1. Ox
  2. Bamboo Sushi
  3. Aviary
  4. Baan Thai
  5. Fire on the Mountain 
  6. Olympia Provisions
  7. Pho Jasmine
  8. Sizzle Pie
  9. Veritable Quandary

Okay, we have too much to say about all of these to even get started on including notes, and simply recommend that YOU check them out and simply enjoy (and maybe take a picture, if you’re so inclined). You should know that if it made this list, one or more of us really, really digs it.

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Broiled Ricotta Cheese With Brown-Butter Mushrooms, image source:

Various Musings on Where to Eat & Wander

“Phó Jasmine changed my life. It’s the best quality and value phó on the east side” – Lex

“I take people to Ox because they have great group menus. Their appetizer with ricotta cheese is AMAZING”. – Frankie

“I always take people to happy hour at Portland City Grill.” – Danielle

“On the weekend, you MUST go to Brix, Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast, they bring you hot doughnuts with raspberry sauce with sweet whipped cream”. – Amy

“It’s Baan Thai or no Thai” – Simon

“My girlfriend works there ” – Lex, re: Bamboo Sushi

“Is that the only sustainable sushi place? – Alan

“I like to go to Mee Sen Thai, because I like it spicy [ends with giggle]” – Hannah

“Get Sizzle Pie. Worth it!”  – Jules

“24 hour hotcake house, baby. All day, every day.” – Simon

“We like to taste all the flavors of the beer rainbow” – Danielle

“I take people to VQ [Veritable Quandary] and walk across the Hawthorne Bridge, sit on the grass, in the garden, or walk around the South Park blocks. My favorite thing at VQ is the bacon-wrapped dates (Oh My God). It’s also where I’ve met most of my favorite people.” – Amy

“If you want a breakfast sandwich for brunch, go to Brass Tacks!” – Jules


photo by rebecca shenton

Hatch-approved coffee shops:

  1. Good Coffee PDX – two beautiful storefronts in Southeast Portland with skilled and friendly baristas!
  2. Case Study – because downtown seriously needed a coffee shop across from the Central Library.
  3. Coava – where you can pretend you’re a fancy architect who is also drinking a latte.
  4. Courier Coffee – one can never get enough of single-origin, freshly roasted pour overs
  5. Floyd’s  – stop by either location for sturdy mugs of classic Stumptown and breakfast burritos, holla.
  6. Half Pint – because one time we think Simon mentioned he enjoyed a flat white here, and that’s saying something. (It’s all true. Fun fact: New Zealand invented the flat white. – Simon)

“I like Good Coffee because the name does not lie” – Rebecca

Walk it Off, Take a Break:

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“If it’s a really nice day, picnic at Pittock Mansion” – Danielle

“Head out to The Grotto for a peaceful walk and spectacular views from the top” – Simon

“The farmers market is great for dog watching.” – Jules

“If you want to take a break, Laurelhurst Park is really beautiful to walk through.” – Lex

“It’s true, I go there sometimes” – Rebecca

“I was gonna say Laurelhurst Park is my go to spot for awkward first dates, but I probably shouldn’t say that.” – Alan

Bars & Breweries to check out:

“I have to remember where I go…” – Hannah

“You should go to a Portland microbrewery if you want to actually TASTE your beer” – Hannah

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“Swift Bar on Broadway is a really fun bar that Rebecca and I almost went to last night” – Lex

“Does the Slammer still have Christmas lights up?” – Danielle

“The Standard has dollar beer and habenero mango boozy slushies. And Big Buck Hunter.” – Simon

“Support small, old Portland coffeeshops, not the new condos. It tastes better.” – Jules

  1. Bailey’s Taproom – Solid beer selection, immediately downtown. Perfect for the beer lover in your group.
  2. Ex Novo Brewing – a brewery AND a non-profit? They’re as committed to doing social good as they are to making rad beer. How bad could that be?
  3. The Bye and Bye – A Portland must in the Alberta Arts District. Check out their house cocktail, served in a massive mason jar. 
  4. Sweet Hereafter – No big deal, just your classic vegan bar. Jules shares “Go in the right door, and not the left. That’s a good secret about that place”.  Jess says, “Best blackened tempeh burger ever…sometimes.”


This is just a sampling of the many great options in Portland!

Don’t be afraid to peruse an intriguing food cart pod, stop at a nearby coffee shop for an Americano, or get advice from a Portlander on the street*… Have fun and good eating!

Collin Gabriel

Look, it’s Collin.

P.S. Collin’s Aunt Jana says “Hey, guy” these are places “You’ve gotta try”:  Pok Pok, Pine State Biscuits, Toro Bravo, Russel Street BBQ, Cafe Castana, Decarli, Cafe Mingo, Andina, Bamboo Sushi, Saburro, Sho, Eat, Screen Door, The Imperial – breakfast or lunch, Slappy Cakes, Merryweathers, Boke Bowl, Veritable Quandry,
Montage, Irving Street Kitchen, Monday – Brix Tavern, Sansai – sushi, Ichiban and The Country Cat. Mmmmm.

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Thanks, everybody! 


The Hatchies wish you a pleasant stay.

*You know, besides the hidden gems they’ve learned to never reveal.