Here at Hatch, we’re all about adding that “something special” into the mix in whatever we do — it’s what innovation is all about. With that, we’ve got a little more than the typical party elements in store for tomorrow night’s Hatch Innovation // // IPRC Give!Guide Party!

Mmm, pizza for dinner. Thanks, Pieology.

Naturally, there will be beer and pizza.

Now, it may very well be the first time we’ve ever had a live DJ, so we are closer to dance floor mania than ever before. Get ready’s own DJ Crambone of Mr. Ghost Goes to Town.

It will certainly be the first time we’ve had a custom letterpress station, where you can have the experts at IPRC help you make some rather unique party SWAG.


And it will *definitely* be the first time we ask YOU to help design Grapevine Media’s brand spanking new billboard.

Here’s how it works: Come to the party. Enjoy yourself! Have a beer or two! Then, bring that holiday cheer to the Grapevine Media table and get down with some mad libs, Hatch the Future-style. Next thing you know…you could be on a freaking billboard!


So, what do YOU think?


billboard mockupmadlibs billboard



Be there: