With a mere week to go, the anticipation is on for the arrival of the new community capital law and the January 22nd celebration at Hatch. The plan for the evening is rather Oregon, including special guest speakers, 100% Oregon food + drink refreshments with contributions from across the state, and one heck of an Oregon playlist. This “Soundtrack of Oregon” is coming together nicely with plenty of songs from Oregon’s own musicians, but to make things even more special, we’d like to add your own personal Oregon-inspired song contributions into the mix.
So, let us know what songs have inspired your stay in Oregon: Your roadtrips, that song you hear all that time in a certain coffeeshop you can’t get enough, the star of your morning jog, etc. and we just may add it into that evening’s playlist. Add ’em here.
And just in case you haven’t RSVP’d for one of the few remaining tickets for this revolutionary party: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hatch-oregon-launch-party-tickets-14738787109?ref=ecount
Note: This is open to non-Oregon artists, as well as Oregon-grown and based.