Jon Bell, a local journalist, just published a nice piece about Hatch in a publication called “Drive the District” (powered by GM?) It’s a mix of all things innovative, I think, but the review is nice and the descriptions accurate. While I probably DID say “people will bang into each other” I wish I hadn’t. But, you get the idea.

Hatch Delivers a New Kind of Incubator

This incubator operates as a co-working space.

“If the standard definition of an incubator is a place where things are grown from very small ideas to the point where they’re standing on their own, then sure, Hatch could be considered an incubator.

But according to Amy Pearl, executive director and CEO of Springboard Innovation, the 10-year-old social enterprise entity behind this new endeavor, that definition only scratches the surface of what Hatch is all about.”

Thanks Jon!