These last few months have been a flurry of activities as we plan for the Fall opening of Hatch. There are a dozen ways to become a member of the Hatch community, but one program seems to be generating a lot of interest. So, I’d like to introduce you to The Parts Department!

In the Hatch building, located at 2406 NE Sandy, there are unique spaces that beg to be used creatively (which is why we love the building)! One such space is a small office on the mezzanine.

Professional firms and consultants who provide needed support to impact entrepreneurs are critical members of the Hatch community. But, there simply isn’t enough room in the building for everyone who wishes to be involved. So, to include these valuable resources we designed a program that allows each professional resource to be in Hatch once a month, with their own office.

Different experts, (for example, a lawyer or two, accountant, WordPress expert, marketing consultant, etc.) each sign up to be in The Parts Department one day a month (let’s say, every first Wednesday). There are roughly twenty work days in a month, so we have room for 20 different firms/consultants/experts per month!

Each Parts Department tenant also receives Hatch benefits, such as free use of the large conference/classroom, event space, community spaces, wi-fi, and engagement in the community itself. Work from home? This gives you a chance to be a part of a unique community. Office on the west side? Now you have a chance to meet clients on the east side. In fact, a few of you will be coming from outside of Portland using Hatch as your resident office when in Portland.

For a mere $25.00 a month, professionals can participate, contribute, and be a part of a change community, no matter where they live or work. We require a 6-month commitment ($150 up front) along with a $100 start-up fee for printing and signage, which puts your logo on the door and your business into Hatch.

We have designed three ways for a Parts Department tenant to do business and contribute to the Hatch Community. Every Parts Department consultant is expected to do three things:

  1. First, of course, you get work done and see clients. Some are those you’ve met from the Hatch community, others may find the location more convenient, or are simply existing clients.
  2. Second, you provide at least two hours of free Open Office Hours. These are opportunities to answer questions of our entrepreneurial community based on your expertise. These hours will be posted online in our Hatch Calendar and on the window.
  3. Finally, you must offer a workshop of some kind each month during your “day” of tenancy. Not less than 45 minutes but no longer than 3 hours, that leverages your expertise while meeting the identified needs of the Hatch community. These workshops are held in the Conference classroom, free to Hatch members, with a nominal fee being charged to non-members.

Imagine being a local or social entrepreneur and having access to a workshop a day, each one offered by experts covering every topic and meeting every need. What ideas do you have? We have twenty slots, (though we’ve already filled half of them.) Let us know your thoughts, your ideas, your expertise. We don’t open until fall, so we’re doing all the planning and scheduling now. Get in touch!