Meet Don Nasca, one of our new members here at Hatch.

Don Nasca

Don is successful in ODM and channel business development for green energy power conversion systems and a wide-variety of smart hardware products and services targeted to the Fortune 100. His experience in the electronics industry spans the consumer, industrial, medical, aerospace and military markets. Though his roots lie in the Northeast United States, Don has been a proud Northwesterner since the early 1990s, at which point he received his Masters in Business from Portland State University and co-founded the university’s first radio station, KPSU. It’s Don’s knack for thinking up tactical solutions to the world’s most prevailing puzzles paired with his toolbox of diverse experience and skill that introduced him to the concept of social innovation. In 2010, Don began acting on his curiosity, serving as the organizer of Portland’s Social Entrepreneur Meetup group, a monthly opportunity for community members to think collectively about the creation and support of local social enterprises.

Once introduced to Hatch by a current tenant – Xray FM – Don was hooked. “I felt like I had found a structure for my belief system on how things should work,” the concept that society needs to focus more on strategically helping our communities prosper. Prosperity, for many social entrepreneurs like Don, comes in the form of a successful enterprise that also provides an opportunity to do good sustainably. “The mission is what gets you up in the morning. It’s really about feeling good about what you get out of bed for every day, while also creating a livelihood for yourself. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help everyone else.”

You come to Hatch and talk to people. [You get] people like me that have similar interests together. It’s why I started the Social Entrepreneurs Meetup PDX metro.”

What is Don expecting to get from his time at Hatch? “Inspiration, momentum and exposure,” all folded into one, neat package. Comprised of the resources, support and the boost of motivation needed to develop promising ideas into socially conscious businesses, Hatch is fostering this opportunity for folks who can relate with Don.

At Hatch Don will be further developing various internet startups, including one he describes as “ for services.” Don is excited to offer talented individuals an online space to market and sell their services in lieu of the traditional brick and mortar practices.

We are excited to welcome Don to the co-working support network that is Hatch!