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Like everyone at ComCap16, our exhibitors are exciting, handpicked, and do awesome things for their communities! We wanted to give them an opportunity to introduce themselves. Up next is Anjeanette Brown, a counselor with Girls Build which is a summer camp that teaches building and constructions skills to young girls. Girls Build was also the winner of Hatch Soup IV: The Social Pitch.

Meet Anjeanette!

What does your company/organization do?

Anjeanette: We offer opportunities to young female girls to experience the joys of building, and using tools. In a summer camp setting.

Why are you excited about community capital? About this conference?

Anjeanette: I am excited to meet with other entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to network and learn.

Tell us a little bit about your community – who is the most active and how do you build connections?  

Anjeanette: Our community is made up of women and girls coming together with the platform of construction.

Girls Build

Photo credit: Girls Build instagram

What will you bring to the table? Literally and figuratively?

Anjeanette: I bring an opportunity for  women and girls to enjoy life by obtaining a career offering living wages.


What’s your favorite local business?

Anjeanette: My favorite local business is the restaurant “Gravy”… yum!

What got you involved in Girls Build?

Anjeanette: I got involved with girls build as an instructor through Oregon Trades Women. I was recommended one year to be a teacher and i have been with them every since.

What do you love about Oregon?

Anjeanette: I love Oregon because we have a great community here that works together for the greater good, I love the whether, and the scenery.

Thanks, Anjeanette! Stop by the Girls Build table in the Ballroom during ComCap16’s full days of conference sessions, April 27-28, 2016 at Ambridge Event Center.