Marco Vangelisti“Most of us are not aware of the individual holdings of mutual funds in which we might be invested, let alone how the individual companies in them are utilizing the capital and how they treat their employees, the communities they affect, and the environment,” stated Marco Vangelisti, founder of Essential Knowledge for Transition (EK4T). The good news is that ComCap16 is an exciting opportunity for local investors and financial leaders to connect and build knowledge around these systems, that will in return strengthen their local economies and communities. In order to create resilient and stable communities we need to understand the complex banking system, economic system, and financial systems.

Marco is at the forefront of dissecting these three large systems. Since 2009 he has been leading the formation and development of the Slow Money Northern California chapter and is currently developing a curriculum for engaged citizens to understand these complex systems. This curriculum, Essential Knowledge for Transition, will help communities increase their capacity for local investing. The materials are a three part guide to “understanding the systems, their impact on our communities, intervention points, and alternatives being pursued around the country to shift them for the benefit of communities and ecosystems” according to his website.

“The existential challenge for this generation is to finally take responsibility for our agency in the world expressed through our investments. We need to divest from the economic and financial systems that are pushing us toward a disaster, both socially and environmentally.” —Marco Vangelisti

Join the conversation and register for ComCap16 today! Marco will be leading several sessions—come to learn how you can leverage your investment dollars to make a difference.

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