LucidEnergy logoApril 14th was a red letter day for Lucid Energy and Hatch Innovation, as Lucid’s technology and Hatch’s co-working space were featured on PBS Newshour’s “Breakthrough Invention and Innovation” program.

Lucid Energy’s premise is simple: they use a hydroelectric system – turbines – to harness the energy available via flowing water in drinking water pipes.

And, the best part? They’re seeing great results. Their first pipe has been laid in Portland, generating roughly enough energy for 150 homes with their sustainable, renewable energy.

“We produce electricy all the time, around the clock, without any environmental impact,” said Gregg Semler, President & CEO. “To generate the same amount of energy that Lucid is generating would cost three to four times more.”

Watch the entire 6 minute clip now, and make sure to check out Hatch’s space around the 2:25 mark.