Bring HatchLab to Your Community!

Steps to launching a HatchLab:

Download these documents to begin. They will help you gather interest and share information with your community.

Launching a HatchLabs (PDF presentation)

Hatch Innovation 501(c)(3) Overview (PDF handout)

HatchLabs Overview (PDF handout)

If your community wants to launch a HatchLab initiative, these are the things we will look at to determine readiness:

1. Assess community fit.
2. Enlist support from local leadership.
3. Get buy-in from key partners and stakeholders.
4. Solicit startup funding.
5. Identify a local champion.
6. Evaluate potential for regional impact.
7. Determine economic viability/ROI.
8. Identify suitable building location/s.

Want a HatchLab in your community?

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