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This year, we’ve noticed more of our speakers on Twitter than ever before. It makes sense: it’s an essential, contemporary way to stay connected and better yet, it can actually be fun! Trust us, the Hatch world manages at least 3 or 4 Twitter accounts on top of our personal ones  — and there’s at least one or two staff members who have a deep burning devotion to Hootsuite. Which brings us closer to the point of this post….wondering if we created a conference Twitter account? Of course! It’s @ComCapCon.

With that, we’re getting into the 140 character groove this Friday morning, March 18th, with a whole bunch of our speakers sharing their expertise and thoughts on community capital and local economy building-themed Q & A, all across the country.

See you there….on Twitter! Follow and interact with our co-hosts, @ComCapCon and @AmyePearl, and get ready to chat, learn and interact.

How does it work?

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to twitter
  3. Look for the official questions announced by @ComCapCon, labeled “Q1,” “Q2,” etc.
  4. Speakers and participants will respond and label their tweets with “A1,” “A2,” etc.

Get a head start! We’ve compiled an official Twitter list of our ComCap16 speakers you can follow now and get acquainted with.


See our full ComCap16 Speaker Lineup

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