If women farmers had the same financial resources as male farmers, it’s estimated that yields would increase by 20-30%, creating the potential to lift 120-150 million people out of poverty.
Malaika Maphalala

In this podcast, Amy Pearl is joined by Malaika Maphalala and Carrie Van Winkle of Natural Investments, LLC, a socially responsible investment firm, to discuss the growing and influential role of women across the global impact investing landscape.  Carrie and Malaika also host their own web interview series called “Women Invested” that details pioneering women who are changing the world in a positive way through investment decisions. Prepare for inspiration, as we realize that the more we invest in women, the more we create resilient communities, and healthy returns, which is a pretty good deal.


Malaika Maphalala, Investment Advisor, Natural Investments, LLC

Joining Natural Investments was the culmination of her life-long journey of contributing to the creation of a sustainable future. For the past ten years, Malaika has shared her talents in non-profit administration and within community arts organizations in Hawaii.

Carrie B. VanWinkle, Socially Responsive Financial Advisor, Natural Investments, LLC

Carrie brings 12 years of experience working with individuals and couples to build confidence in their personal financial lives, including financial goals related to homeownership, retirement savings, and education savings. Carrie’s mission as a financial planner is rooted in the belief in the power of financial goal setting, education, and empowerment to achieve the life you want, while ensuring your finances reflect your values.

Carrie has dedicated her life to building a healthy, sustainable, and just community, both locally and globally. Her work at Natural Investments is a pivotal part in achieving this goal by empowering individuals and families to build their own financially sustainable future while having a positive impact on the community. Carrie is a part of NI’s Louisville-based team at Just Money Advisors.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What it Impact Investing is, and why women are playing a larger role.
  • About Malaika and Carrie’s new series on Women-Invested.com
  • Inspiring stories that can help inform your own investment decisions
  • How one investor changed the direction of Root Capital simply by being interested in women run enterprises
  • Some of the data that has emerged from impact investments worldwide
  • What regenerative investment means, and why this concept helps inform your investment decisions