This edition of The Remedy Club talks about systems of exclusion — a spectrum of topics usually deemed inappropriate for the dinner table. By listening to personal stories from our panelists (see below) and conversing with each other about uncomfortable but necessary issues, we take on the challenge of breaking that initial barrier when it comes to the untalkable—starting the conversation.

Welcome to The Remedy Club, a quarterly panel series on the dynamics of power and powerlessness, hosted by Hatch Innovation. We invite you to listen in on this dynamic panel discussion recorded on November 4th, 2016. Walk away with new insight, lasting impressions, new connections and ideas for action. We hope this edition and the one before activates the reverberations and people we need for the next 4 years and beyond.


Emilly Prado, Writer, Photographer, Future Librarian
Bertony Faustin, Wine Farmer, Abbey Creek Vineyard
Don MerrillJournalist, Author, Co-Founder of CNBSeen
Charles Letherwood, Board Member of CNBSeen


Frankie Ku, Brand and Marketing Manager, Hatch Innovation

In this episode you will learn:

  • Stories of exclusion from audience members and panelists
  • Grassroots, micro-strategies for change
  • How to approach racism and the conversations around it
  • Ownership for solution(s) to systems of oppression
  • How to be an ally