Finn Terdal sits down with Oregon winemaker Bertony Faustin, owner of Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains, a small town just outside Portland.

Bertony currently holds the title of Oregon’s first black winemaker. He aims to change this by diversifying the faces we see when we think of winemaking, as well as the people drinking it. He is currently in production on a documentary called Red, White, and Black.


Bertony Faustin
Proprietor, Abbey Creek Winery
Born from Haitian immigrant parents and a transplanted New Yorker, Bertony has found not only his family, but his destiny in Oregon wine country. A physical trainer by trade, Bertony started his wine career like many, somewhat by accident. Noting his in-laws had a small vineyard, he began exploring the potential of making his own wine and gradually launched Abbey Creek Vineyard. Always a student and innovator, Bertony dug in and learned a great deal from neighbors and friends. Abbey Creek Vineyard grew enough in production to warrant it’s own tasting room and winery so Bertony moved his operation into North Plains, Oregon. Today he is literally an earth to glass winemaker. Abbey Creek Vineyard is all Bertony, all his personality, style and grace. Get to know him and you know his wine.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Personal stories about Bertony and his journey into winemaking
  • Challenges that are commonly encountered in the wine industry
  • Tips and tricks for a diverse set of entrepreneurs in the wine industry
  • The opportunities that are available in Oregon
  • A unique perspective on niche marketing
  • Why education is a key component of his business
  • His plans for Abbey Creek going forward, and why it does not include explosive growth