Lex Lavatai (they/them), Lisa Ramirez (she/her), and Klyde Burg (he/him) discuss queerness, definitions, and gender identity.

From a space of common understanding and good will, three queer people dissect aspects of the hetero-normative culture and its language and history. They go on to discuss Two Tongues, a clothing and apparel store dedicated to the needs and preferences of the LGTBQ community in Portland, Oregon. Lisa, the founder of Two Tongues, describes how this innovative new store model will relieve the stress of the shopping experience for the LGTBQ community and educate its allies.


Lisa Ramirez
Founder, Two Tongues

Lisa is an ardent, young entrepreneur who recently completed Hatch Oregon’s CPO InvestOR Ready Accelerator program. She has a passion for diversity, inclusion, individuality and art which are the driving factors for her new business, Two Tongues— an apparel and accessories store dedicated to serving the needs and preferences of the LGBT community. Two Tongues is the first apparel store in Oregon to curate clothing specifically for the queer and trans community. www.twotonguespdx.com

In the past ten years, Lisa has worked in local and international art galleries as a director, co-curator, and artist representative in Portland, OR. She and her wife, Erica, run a community organization called Dyke Hike that has nearly 1000 members and hosts monthly hiking trips and social events around Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge. She’s a true philanthropist and community advocate and is eager to spread the word about community investing!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The definition of cisgender
  • How to talk to people about their gender identity. “Are you a biologist? Are you a detective?”
  • Why someone would wear a belt buckle with “faggot” on it
  • That the pronoun “she” did not exist until the 12th century
  • What you should do if you have grammatical issues with the use of the singular “they”
  • What happened to the “ze” pronoun
  • The problem with categorizing clothes as “womenswear” and “menswear”
  • All about Two Tongues and why it was founded
  • The definition of non-binary
  • That over 50% of Gen-Z kids know a person who is non-binary
  • Why it’d be great to see a… straight, cis-man strolling down the street in a sundress.
  • The definition of an ally
  • The issues with phrases like: “chosen name” and “preferred pronouns”
  • That if you don’t know someones gender, don’t assign them one
  • And some good advice: keep your heart in the right spot, and always Google