Hosts Amy Pearl and Simon Love have a lively discussion about the two biggest ideas behind this podcast: social entrepreneurship and community capital.

Both of these ideas stem from one simple question: Why don’t people address their own problems? What is stopping them? Amy and Simon share some of their thoughts on the potential of social enterprise to change the world, and why access to capital (money) is so important. Plus hear about some of the programs coming from Hatch Innovation, and ways to get engaged.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the reasons why ordinary people don’t address their own problems
  • The concepts of social enterprise and community capital
  • The difference between downstream-oriented nonprofits and upstream-oriented social enterprises
  • How every big idea comes with people who muddy it, and why it’s important to be clear
  • The differences between “social enterprises” and other enterprises
  • Why the ecosystem for capital for social entrepreneurs has been so weak, and why it’s not such a crazy idea to change it
  • How ‘returns’ are defined: financial returns vs non-financial returns and the concept of “blended returns”
  • Why it’s such a big idea for everyday people to invest in their community, and why we say that local investing is impact investing
  • How events like Detroit Soup and The Social Pitch are creating new social enterprises
  • Amy’s experience as a woman in male dominated finance and law fields
  • That a lot of crazy ideas might actually work…so why not try? Don’t be scared…be bold!