Intrastate investment crowdfunding is sweeping across the nation,

and in this episode we’re joined by two of the leading voices for the movement: Anthony Zeoli ( and Amy Cortese (

Hear how investment crowdfunding differs from ‘traditional’ crowdfunding (think Kickstarter), and why starting at the State level makes sense. Join host Simon Love to find out how these new laws allow everyday Americans to fund (and profit from) businesses in their own community.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why everyone should care about investment crowdfunding (not just entrepreneurs and angels)
  • Why everyone should have the chance to invest in a company before it goes public
  • How states are tailoring crowdfunding laws to fit with their own priorities and the local landscape
  • The concept of “crowd diligence” and how investing in companies you already know can reduce risk
  • Why the terms “accredited investor” and “general solicitation” are so important to freeing up funding options for startups and small businesses
  • What role crowdfunding portals have in preventing fraud and vetting crowdfunding deals
  • How the new Title III federal crowdfunding rules will change the investing ecosystem (and why intrastate investing isn’t going away anytime soon)
  • How the new federal crowdfunding rules could actually hinder future capital raises for entrepreneurs
  • Why investment crowdfunding is an opportunity to unite incubators, accelerators, angels, existing businesses, new entrepreneurs, non-wealthy investors, government, and more.

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