Simon Love speaks with Cristian Koch, one of the founders of HIFI farms, located in Portland, OR.

“HIFI farms is a Clean Green Certified™ craft cannabis cultivation company” that is developing one of the most sustainable growing operations in the Pacific Northwest. Often overlooked in this booming industry is the impact and energy consumption of traditional cannabis cultivation techniques. HIFI’s unique approach using technology, and passive systems, allowed them to raise $2.8 million dollars for their startup farm.


Cristian Koch
Founder and Chief Cultivator, HIFI Farms
Starting HIFI with a 3 other close friends, Cristian is a former musician, producer, and medical marijuana grower. His goal is to grow a fully sustainable and organic cannabis operation that utilizes technology and passive natural systems to decrease the impact of their business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Cristian’s history and background as an entrepreneur.
  • The unique advantages and challenges of growing cannabis both organically and sustainably.
  • How the cultivation of soil is such an important component in their process.
  • How they developed their unique technology system, which in some cases saves up to 90% of their traditional energy usage.
  • The opportunity and profits that come from a focus on quality and sustainability vs. quantity and faster production.
  • How they raised 2.8 million by inspiring younger investors looking to make a difference
  • The importance of working with certifying bodies, and the future relationships that can develop.
  • The Future of the Cannabis growing operations and their relationship to sustainability