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What is Hatch Oregon?

Hatch Oregon is a real investment platform for Oregon’s “Community Public Offerings,” plus educational resources for participating in and growing community investing.

How did this come about?

In 2014, we gathered a team of changemakers at HatchLab to write a law that would make it legal for ALL Oregon residents to invest in small Oregon companies (not just the wealthy). Seven months later, it was legal. Using a ‘Community Public Offering’ (CPO), small Oregon businesses can raise up to $250,000 from citizens across the state. We set to work building the platform, helping entrepreneurs, and educating investors. We now work with citizens, economic developers, small business development centers, and other partners across the entire state of Oregon.

View Investment Opportunities

Join the hundreds of Oregon residents who have invested in local businesses. Ever wanted to invest in a brewery? A small tech startup? A main-street building? Now you can.

Get Your Company Funded

Oregon companies can raise up to $250,000 in real investment capital from everyday Oregonians. Want to make a REAL connection with your community?

Learn More

Head over to hatchoregon.com to find out all of the different ways to get involved. We hold regular events online and in Portland, and have a network of partners across the state.

Questions about Hatch Oregon?

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