HatchLab PDX is a beautiful and versatile event space available on evenings and weekends.

Space Rental Fees

<30 people30-99 people101-180 people
Mon- Thur Evening$125$350 + $150 security deposit$600 + $200 security deposit
Fri/Sat/Sun Evening$250 + $150 security deposit$500 + $150 security deposit$750 + $150 security deposit
Sat or Sun Full Day$450 + $150 security deposit$600 + $150 security deposit$1000 + $150 security deposit

One-for-one and Nonprofit Discounts

We offer aligned nonprofits and social enterprises a 20% discount on all of our space rental rates.

We also offer a special type of event space rental for corporate customers that would like to give back to the community. For an extra $200, your event space rental will provide a no-cost event space rental for a local nonprofit (you can choose, or you can let us choose the organization) on another evening. Nonprofits can apply for these special evenings by contacting us.

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