Meeting Rooms at Hatch

Creativity-fostering, productivity-enhancing spaces

Conference Room

Our Conference Room has eight 4.5′ by 3′ tables, which allows for a spectrum of configurations. When all tables are formed in a boardroom configuration, the room seats up to 25 people. With the tables separated for workshops or classes, the room can hold up to 50 people.

  • web conference station
  • conference phone
  • projector
  • five large white boards
  • fast wifi
  • adjustable lighting
  • extra tables and chairs

The Cabin

The Cabin is a cozy space on the ground floor of Hatch, which can host up to 8 people. It offers a relaxed setting which can be used as a co-working space or can be booked for meetings.

  • two whiteboards
  • projector wall
  • comfortable chairs
  • expandable table
  • project
  • web conference station

The Shed

The Shed is a small room on the ground floor of Hatch. Located next to the Cabin, it seats four people and it’s perfect for meetings or one-on-ones.

  • a whiteboard
  • a table
  • a comfy bench
  • 2-3 chairs

Booking as a Hatch Member

As included in our membership packages, our members enjoy the use of our meeting rooms per these guidelines:

Our Neighborhood

We love being a part of the Kerns neighborhood. Come see us at 2420 NE Sandy Blvd!

We encourage members to ride Trimet bus lines #12 and #19 – plan your trip here! – or to ride your bicycles. We have a Biketown hub around the corner (see image below), and we have bike storage inside and outside of our space. Help us stay compliant with our Sustainability in the Workplace Certification! Thank you!


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