HatchLab PDX

More than co-working

Everyone at Hatch is a community member, and community is everything.

A home for visionaries and realists working for a better world.

HatchLab PDX is for local innovators and social entrepreneurs who imagine, launch and scale enterprises that improve communities. It’s that simple.

We are home to:

  • people who want to learn how to create the kinds of economy and communities we want and need
  • people who are willing to take risks
  • those who approach problems with a new, innovative perspective
  • locally-owned companies to build community wealth by retaining capital
  • social enterprises to focus on systemic solutions

Each is a part of the entrepreneurial spirit we foster here at Hatch. We also welcome those who support these enterprises—professionals, volunteers, mentors, allies, partners—each a keystone of the innovation ecosystem.

More than co-working

HatchLab PDX offers more than just a space to get work done.

Membership includes access to not only physical resources – such as meeting rooms, coffee, tea, homemade baked goods, homegrown salads, phone booths, standing desks, web conference equipment, etc. – but also invites you to our monthly community gatherings, events focused on social enterprise and innovation, connections to business and nonprofit professionals, and a panel discussion series (and live Hatch the Future podcast recording) devoted to talking about the untalkable.

The Space

Originally built in 1997 as Timberline Dodge, the vaulted ceiling and huge skylight arching over the Great Hall surrounded by a mezzanine and conference rooms were all invitations to build someplace inviting, warm, green, and inspiring. We couldn’t resist.  A combination of offices, wide open co-work space with comfy couches and old library chairs, creative cubes and unique meeting rooms… many spaces allow members to work, connect, and thrive.

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