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Selected presenters pitch their purpose for bettering local to global communities. Everyone eats soup together, casts their votes and effects community change. Join us!

Our workshops, offered by Hatch Innovation staff and guest experts at HatchLab PDX, on the topics of Basic Business Tools, Expanding Your Market, and Finding Your Purpose. Browse our workshops!

Here at HatchLab PDX, we host a monthly community gathering for our members to come together and share what they’re up to. Our diverse membership grants us awesome gatherings – from playing board games and drinking beer to being audience members of performing arts collaborations and more. Are you a HatchLab member? Become our next featured guest and showcase your work!

Launched locally but supported with statewide collaboration and a toolkit, InvestOR MeetUps contribute to our investor education infrastructure. Find a MeetUp near you!

A dynamic quarterly series panel discussion where we explore issues of access to power and well-being, starting with personal stories, moving into unique roundtables, and closing with intimate breakout groups. Together, we create a forum where we safely talk about the untalkable. Cocktails. Conversation. Catharsis. Join us again this November!

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