HatchLab Baker

A Center for Entrepreneurship on Main Street in Baker City, Oregon

What is this?

HatchLab Baker is a new Center for Entrepreneurship, a place that provides programs, resources, tools, and expertise for entrepreneurs starting or running a business (even people who might just be thinking about it). It is also a place to work, whether you need a place for a day or a year. These Centers will soon be opening all over Oregon, making existing resources easier to find, as well as creating new programs—collaborative, innovative and inspiring places-and Baker is first!

hatchlab baker
hatchlab baker

Who is this for?

HatchLab Baker is designed to serve Baker County business founders and owners (entrepreneurs) whose local businesses improve our communities and make Baker County strong. It’s also a place for supporters! Are you someone with skills you are happy to share? Professionals, volunteers, mentors, allies, partners — you can make a difference in Baker City’s economy. Contact us: [email protected]

hatchlab baker
hatchlab baker

Who’s behind this project?

HatchLab Baker is a project of Hatch Innovation, a nonprofit that helps grow local businesses and community capital (www.hatchthefuture.org). They helped draft Oregon’s new local investing law (see www.hatchoregon.com). They are partnering with Business Oregon on a statewide program called the Rural Opportunities Initiative (ROI). HatchLab Baker is the first in a network of Centers from Coos Bay to Joseph, Oregon. Other local organizations, leaders, and entrepreneurs are partners and advisors.

hatchlab baker
hatchlab baker
hatchlab baker
hatchlab baker

Why is this important?

Every Oregon entrepreneur should have easy access to high-quality business development resources—for every type of businesses at any stage of development—no matter where they live or who they are. HatchLab Baker is a part of a statewide effort to make this goal become reality.

What kind of programs?

  • Programs for entrepreneurs and investors covering topics such as business planning, finance, non-profit law, and more.
  • Many new courses, workshops, presentations, and events will be offered at HatchLab by Hatch staff or local experts, some via video conferencing or local facilitation.


Events & Workshops

  • The Social Pitch for community ideas to receive startup funding
  • Business planning workshops
  • Intro to the CPO
  • Local Investing 101
  • How Social Media Increases Revenue
  • Video on My Website? How?
  • I have an idea! How to tell if your idea is ready.
  • Managing your Business Financials
  • How to Ask for a Bank Loan
  • Legal and financial workshops
  • And much more…

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