Last Sunday, five social innovators stood up in front of an audience of 70 people and pitched their projects.  After careful consideration, the audience voted Girls build to be the recipient of the financial award, funded by ticket sales and a $500 add-in by Hatch Innovation.  Even though the event is over, all five of the presenters are still working hard to create change through social entrepreneurship.  Find out about their projects, their Hatch Soup: The Social Pitch experience, and the ways in which they could use your help!  Please email Lex if you would like to help any of our presenters.



Girls Build – Katie Hughes – Recipient of $1270

Girls Build is a program that offers summer camps for girls 8 – 15 to learn basic building skills while having fun.   This program empowers girls in two different ways:  At the very least, girls learn to try new things–take stuff apart, build something, fix something–on their own.  This leads to cost saving as they get older–doing something themselves instead of hiring someone–and general faith in their own strength as girls and women.  At its greatest, this camp leads girls into high wage careers that change the course of their lives, and the lives of their families.

Needs/Requests from the Community

  • Tool Donations
  • Accounting Help
  • Website Help
  • Trailer donation (or borrow)
  • Grant Writing Help
  • Legal help with filing paperwork (bylaws, and IRS filings)

Katie Hughes, the founder of Girls Build, said her favorite part of the experience was getting to connect with other women starting their own businesses, as well as getting the practice pitching Girls Build to strangers.



Carina’s Bakery

Carina’s Bakery builds on Scandinavian tradition with ethical and unique ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to create inspiring vegan treats that employ and empower the developing passion and innovative talents of people with disabilities. Owner Carina Comer overcame vision loss and health challenges with the help of a passion for baking that connected her to her Swedish heritage, and provided her with a creative outlet that generated joy and soul-warming sweetness for others. She pours her thoughts, ideas, and the inspiration from the world around her into uplifting and unique treats, and plans to use collaboration and the unique innovations that the hard-fought lives of people with disabilities bring to the workforce to make those sweet treats taste even better. Flourish treats recognize the quality and value in every ingredient and every hand it takes to make something truly delicious.

Needs/Requests from the Community

  • Connections with Starbucks or Wholefoods etc.
  • Connections to alternative commercial kitchens
  • Volunteer help or interns
  • E-Commerce Help

Carina said that she loved the experience and that she, “enjoyed being able to practice [her] pitching skills in a relatively relaxed environment and among like-minded, great women founders.”  She also loved making impactful connections to further her business.



Superpower Kid – Janai

Superkid Power was created forty years ago by Janai Mestrovich, ‘Grandma Boom’, with her passionate pioneering work teaching young children about their inner world resources of how the mind/body/emotions work together as a system or unit. She taught these skills at the University of Oregon for many years, received an award from the state of Oregon for her prevention self-help program for children and also was awarded a silver medal, 2nd place out of 2,000 entries for television work for children at the N.Y. Film and Television Awards. Her books, consultations, coaching, speaking engagements and trainings are geared on a twofold level for adults to learn the skills they learn to teach children with 3D learning, Janai’s expertise. Objects in the external world are used to help children learn how to work with their own inner world resources. Her website is

Needs/Requests from the Community:

  • Funding!!! Seeking $100,000 to create a weekly video series for a school year that can be used in kindergarten and preschool classrooms.
  • Marketing!
  • Speaking and Training Engagements
  • Networking recommendations for funding/interviews on tv/radio

Janai said she loved watching the presentations and she enjoyed the experience. She had a meaningful moment with a child and his mother who thanked her for the presentation.  By watching Janai’s demonstration, the young boy was able to release the tension in his stomach.



One (1) Roof – Jamila Rutherford

One (1) Roof seeks to extend the reach of Nonprofit Organizations that service low-income communities by housing them in a single location and supporting their vision. They aim to create a collaborative and cohesive environment while offering community members one place to receive comprehensive services.  Working together, nonprofits can maximize our strengths and gain support in areas they lack knowledge.  One (1) Roof will provide a powerhouse of services that work collectively to elevate depressed communities. Their model is strategically designed to access a community’s needs and guide them toward a more prosperous direction. One (1) Roof is not simply providing an opportunity. They will rehabilitate community member’s perspectives of: who they are, where they live and what they can achieve, to help them sustain these opportunities.

Needs/Requests from the Community

  • Tax Status Help
  • Legal Assistance regarding company formation
  • Help Grant Writing
  • Help Identifying Funding Sources
  • Help with budgeting and financial projections

Jamila’s favorite moment from Sunday was the Q&A because it forced her to think about things she had yet to address strategically. She also enjoyed seeing the other women pitch.  “It made me feel quite powerful, being part of the panel. Sunday was great, period. Hatch soup gave One (1) Roof exposure and credibility.  From the taped interviews, to the posters and pitch panel we were able to share our vision in multiple ways that are great for marketing and promotion of our business. Hatch Soup is a very big first step to launching an idea.”



Sprout Up! Community Market – Melissa Martin

Sprout Up! Community Market provides affordable fresh foods and grocery items to a community in need. This innovative approach of selling “ugly” and overstocked produce, as well as expired goods creates three main positive impacts on our community: 1) It reduces waste in the food system. 2) It increases the availability of affordable fresh foods and local products in a neighborhood in need and 3) It increases sales for local producers and distributors, in turn improving the local economy.

Needs/Requests from the Community

  • Connections with Local Farmers
  • Marketing Help
  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Help or connections with the Portland Development Commission/Locating Business

Melissa’s favorite moment was after all of the pitches were complete and she was mingling with folks in the audience.  She received a lot of positive comments on the project and offers for help.  She ended up having a conversation with a couple that had chosen Hatch Soup for their date! Sprout Up Community Market gained a greater audience for their project by being a part of Hatch Soup. Through this extended audience we have grown our social media reach and have new customers! It was also great to receive offers of help from community members.

In Summary

Hatch Soup V was a huge success and we are so excited for the next installment.  Please note that we are changing the name of Hatch Soup to The Social Pitch. If you would like to hold a Social Pitch event in your city, please let us know.  We are offering guidance and instructions on how to host the event and we would be happy to help in any way.