Be careful what you wish for.

While it’s been an honor to work on the Crowdfunding Rules for Oregon investors and businesses, scrutinizing other state laws with the statewide team and getting all nerdy with securities lawyers, it’s also been fraught with anxiety and sleepless nights. The Portland Business Journal’s article came out today, and, sure, landing on the home page is pretty wonderful, but it sure puts the pressure on.

It’s true we don’t know what will happen. Without any precedent, it’s pretty hard to make predictions. But, that doesn’t automatically mean the sky will fall. On the contrary, the sky may be the limit. In fact, blue sky is the point!

Will Oregonians invest? Will Oregonians step up and help build an entirely new “investing highway” we all get to drive on? Investing infrastructure our children can benefit from, and our Oregon-grown businesses can use? I wish I knew. I can tell you one thing though. I will be the first in line to invest in every single one of the entrepreneurs who are bold enough to take a stab at sharing profits with their neighbors.

I think THEY deserve to be on the cover.

Think about it. They are sticking their necks out, making their business plans public. They are inviting their neighbors to examine their ideas, engage in their business ventures, and play a meaningful role. They are also letting us define what it means to be a real investor. As a result, every Oregonian gets to try that title on for size.

Join us on January 22, here in Hatch, (tickets here) to help launch these business and finance pioneers! Bring your Oregon driver’s license and get ready to make history while making Oregon.

Right now I feel a little like an observer the day Orville and Wilbur Wright tried pushing that new thing called an aeroplane. Something big is going on here. Is it easy to criticize the first imperfect tries? Sure. But, seven years later, they had something. Were the first ones perfect? Of course not. Was it worth pushing forward? Yes it was.

Remember when you learned about potential and kinetic energy in seventh grade? The example my teacher used to explain both was the roller coaster. There you are, at the very tip top of the curve – this is where potential energy lives, a breath away from turning dramatically into kinetic energy, when things start to moooove! Right now we are sitting on the top of the roller coaster, holding our breath.

I hope you’ll join me for this wild ride!