Gender Gap’s Meredith Goddard and Renee Jenkinson are awarded prize money by Simon Love

Congratulations to Gender Gap Year! Last week they took home $400 and received a full-time Hatch membership to grow their project designed to help young women dream bigger. Founders Meredith Goddard and Renee Jenkinson created the program to give young women a chance to discover all the career paths open to them. By giving them an extra year between high school and college, young women are allowed to explore new avenues and receive mentoring and support from other women. Gender Gap Year means to set the stage to produce equal representation of women in politics and high-ranking positions (CEOs, government officials, etc.).

Second place was awarded to Jeff and Lisa Mays Woodward’s PDX Disability Services, who also received a full-time Hatch membership. Their mission is to assist those in need of vital medical and pharmaceutical care. By providing the proper resources, education and peer support, essential care can be given to those who are homeless, mentally ill, or who were recently incarcerated.

Three other innovators gave great presentations and received memberships: Lauren Gross of Bike Mitts brought us coverings for hands and bike handles—an item she saw widely used in Shanghai, which she has replicated from repurposed materials with the all-weather Portland bike commuter in mind. Workbook for People in Recovery, a project by Barbara Stevens, is meant to help heal addiction using the arts and expression during the difficult recovery process. Last but not least, Tim Taylor and Christopher Diamond presented their project Spork, which helps local restaurants and food carts provide catering when the establishments are otherwise lacking the necessary time and money.

This was our most diverse group of presenters at Hatch:Soup yet, and we were thrilled with the assortment. We hope to see the same variety in our next Hatch:Soup on February 8th, and hopefully we will see you there as well!


Simon Love (Hatch), Christopher Diamond & Tim Taylor (Spork), Renee Jenkinson & Meredith Goddard (Gender Gap Year), Amy Pearl (Hatch), Barbara Stevens (Workbooks), Lauren Gross (Bike Mitts), Lisa Mays & Jeff Woodward (PDX Disability Services)